‘In the Line of Duty’

The German Shepherd Dog has been bred as a multi-purpose dog, with working ability and intelligence, along with physical prowess. The breed is utilised in the armed forces and as service dogs all over the world in a variety of roles.

The German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (GSDCA) recognises the work of these dogs in Australia by awarding Canine Service awards to deserving GSD’s, adopting a scheme for the recognition of German Shepherd Dogs for outstanding service throughout Australia.

A number of German Shepherds attached to the Police Forces have been injured or killed and others have performed bravely in “the line of duty”. The GSDCA acknowledges these German Shepherd Dogs for their work by presenting GSDCA Canine Awards to worthy recipients.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Queensland regularly recognises the achievements of working dogs in our State, trained for very specific roles.

Over recent years, numerous Police dogs, working with the Queensland Police Force have been recognised for their service, achievements and bravery.


In recognition, these dogs have been presented with the highest honour – the GSDCA Canine Outstanding Service Award.

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Police Dog Quinn    Police Dog Bosun    Police Dog Zac     Police Dog Ike   Police Dog Hutch     Police Dog Tyson   Police Dog Duke


Queensland Police Service Dog Squad – GSDCA Canine Outstanding Service Award recipients

PD Duke (2006)
PF Tyson (2007)
PD Hutch (2007)












PD Ike (2009)
PD Zac (2010)
PD Bosun (2012)











Police Dog Quinn (2017)












Images courtesy GSDCA