PD Hutch


Awarded the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia
2007 Canine Service Award


Police Dog ‘Hutch’ was presented the GSDCA Canine Outstanding Service Award at the GSDC of Queensland’s 50th Anniversary Show & Trial in July 2007.

The award was presented by Mr. Bruce Knight (GSDCA President). A member of the Brisbane Dog Squad (Qld), Hutch’s remarkable ability to nose work resulted in many significant finds, including locating murder victims in the Rockhampton area on an outback property. As a result a male offender was charged with two murders.

Hutch was one of the first dogs trained in Queensland in cadaver detection, and joined Snr Const. Purvey down to the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria in 2009.

“It was an experience I will never forget, it was very traumatic for everyone down there but I also left feeling very rewarded because we had found bodies that were written off,” Snr Const. Ash Purvey said.

“Hutch, through his senses, was able to locate people and so people were able to have funerals and say good-bye to loved ones because of my dog.”

Bruce Knight 2007 PD Hutch
GSDCA President Mr Bruce Knight with PD Hutch’s handler
PD Tyson (left) and PD Hutch 2007 GSDCA Service Awards
PD Tyson (left) and PD Hutch 2007 GSDCA Service Awards