Training conducted by the GSDCQ

(Classes are limited to fully vaccinated ANKC registered German Shepherd Dogs)


IPSWICH – Socialisation, Basic Obedience & Show Training Classes

Level – Beginner | Intermediate | Experienced

When: Wednesday evenings @ 6.30 pm to approx 8.30 pm

Where: Ipswich Dog Obedience Club Mt Crosby Road Tivoli

Cost: $8.00 per family

Contact:  Sharon Ballantyne – Gordon  0408 702 766

Our AIM:  To encourage a broader network of new and existing GSD owners with a primary emphasis on puppy owners looking for social activities and assistance with breed-specific specialist training. Provide environmental awareness and puppy imprinting, as well as offering initial guidance to owners & families who may wish to compete in showing, obedience, herding, tracking and other dog sports. Basic level obedience classes for German Shepherd puppies incorporating play sessions, with the emphasis on creating a fun and social place of learning for both people and their dogs.

Obedience:  Basic Obedience and confidence building.

Clubhouse facilities: Tea/Coffee available


DURACK: Specialist Show Training

Level: Experienced

Where: Dogs Queensland Sports Ground 247 King Avenue  Durack

When: Wednesday evenings @ 7.30 pm

Cost: $8.00

Contact: Kaylene and Garry Williams   0411 466 331



Obedience Clubs

There are a number of dog clubs that provide obedience training.

View the List of Obedience Dog Clubs