GSDCQ Rehoming Service


This is a service for the rehoming of German Shepherd Dogs. The service is listed under ‘Breed Rescue Services’ in the Dogs Queensland magazine ‘Dog World’ and a large percentage of the enquiries come through that avenue, others through word-of-mouth and members of the Club passing on the information.

The register has a list of ‘Wanted’ and ‘Available’ dogs with their basic details such as male or female, whether desexed, age and any other traits, good or bad, such as ‘good with kids’, ‘doesn’t like cats’, ‘escapist’ or whatever. We then try to match up people with dogs leaving the relevant parties to sort out between themselves whether they are suited to each other. This service has been used extensively over many years with great success, so if you know of any dogs in need that we could possibly help, please contact us at the following.

Rehoming Contact
Jean Hansford
07 3289 7282