PD “Duke” and his handler Sen-Constable Jason Austin

Awarded the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia

2006 Outstanding Canine Service Award

Over the weekend July 15-16 the Club hosted the 2006 Championship Show and Restricted Trial. One of the highlights of the weekend was the presentation of the 2006 GSDCA National Service Award to Police Dog ‘Duke’ and his handler, Snr Constable Jason Austin. The Award was presented by Council President Mr Bruce Knight, in the company of officials Qld Police Commissioner, Bob Atkinson; Patroness of the Police Dog Squad, Dr. Glenda Atkins; GSDCQ Patroness, Desley Scott MLA; Minister for Emergency Services & GSDCQ Patron, Pat Purcell and Queensland Canine Control Council President, Mr Barry Vickers. A number of Police Regional Commanders and members of the Police Dog squad also attended.

Since 2001 Police Dog ‘Duke’ has tracked down 219 people, including missing persons and scores of fleeting and hiding criminals. ‘Duke’ has sniffed out an exhausted and dehydrated Ricardo Sirutus, the Colombian businessman lost for 10 days while bush walking on Moreton Island last year. When ‘Duke’ confronted a murderer in the act of stabbing to death his victim in a house in Norman Park in 2002, ‘Duke’s handler Senior Constable Austin won the Medal of Valor.

Media and promotion work generated some very good coverage on the day for both the breed and the event. The Brisbane Courier Mail published several good articles including one on Police Dog ‘Duke’ and his handler in the early general news section together with coverage on the ’48 Hours’ weekend activities page highlighting the presentation and the show. We also had both TV Channels 9 and 7 cover the event with Channel 7 airing the segment that evening at the end of the Saturday night news. The Queensland Police media also placed ‘Duke’ and his handler on the front cover of their August issue, click here for the article