Bosun 2014 story RIP
PD Bosun (photo courtesy ruralweekly.com.au)

Awarded the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia
2012 Outstanding Canine Service Award

Police dog Boson turned 6 in May this year [2011]. He has been with his handler Senior Constable Wayne Algie since he was 2 months of age. He was later acquired by the Queensland Police Force and has been an active member of the Queensland Police Squad for nearly 4 years. Boson was bred by Kovacs GSD kennel in Victoria.
Boson and Wayne are stationed at Coomera Dog Squad and from his resume he is a very important part of the unit.
Boson is a General Duties dog which involves tracking and protection but he has also been cross trained in Marijuana.
Over the course of his career he had had over 80 successful tracks and location of drugs.
Boson first came to the public’s attention after a track in November 2010. A person had driven at Police after leaving the scene of a Break and Enter. The perpetrator then absconded on foot and entered a canal. Boson tracked him into the canal, and Wayne laden with his police equipment was having a lot of trouble, his dog assisted him to the banks, after this Boson continued the track and located the offender in the water near a pontoon.
Each and every day the members of the Queensland Police force including their dogs risk their lives for the safety of the Queensland community. Detective Senior Constable Damian Leeding was shot and killed at the Gold Coast leaving behind his wife Sonja [also a member of the Queensland Police Force and two young children Hudson and Grace.
Boson was involved in apprehending the alleged offenders shortly after the incident. This matter is now before the courts.
Boson and the Coomera Dog squad were part of the Guard of Honour at Damian’s funeral. It is with pleasure that the German Shepherd Council of Australia present our most prestigious award, the GSDCA
Outstanding Canine Service Award to Police Dog “Boson” and handler Constable Wayne Algie.
This presentation was made by the GSDCA President Mr. Vince Tantaro along with Queensland Police Commissioner Robert Atkinson and Dr. Glenda Atkins, Patroness Qld Dog Squad at the 40th German Shepherd National Show & Trial held in Newcastle over the weekend of 18th to 20th May 2012


RETIRED PD Bosun, the police dog who never shied away from his job, has sadly passed away aged nine years old.

His handler, Senior Constable Wayne Algie, held his good mate and work colleague Bosun in his arms as he took his last breaths on Monday.

Former PD Bosun had a very distinquished career with the Queensland Police Service becoming well known for his part in the capture of an offender involved in the shooting of Detective Senior Constable Damian Leeding.

Senior Constable Algie said Bosun was one of a kind and he lived life to the fullest while having such a great work ethic.

“Bosun was much loved by his family at home as well as his QPS family,” Senior Constable Algie said.

Rest in peace Bosun.

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Award Presented at the 2012 National Show by GSDCA President Vince Tantaro