The GSDCQ provides a number of services, for which the application forms are listed below. There are also links to the GSDCA website for all current Breed Scheme form applications and guidelines.

GSDCQ Payment Options

GSDCQ Payment Options 


Visit the GSDCA website for the following forms:

  • Application form for Kennel Symbol
  • Application form for AUS Symbol
  • Application for Breed Survey Form   GSDCA-BS1-Application-Form-July-2019
  • Application Form for Interstate Survey

Hip & Elbow Contract

GSDCQ HD ED Form 2020 V2

Visit the GSDCA website for more HD/ED information

Long Stock Coats

ANKC Long-Stock Coat Verification Form


View all details on our Membership page

Nomination for GSDCQ Committee

2021 GSDCQ Committee Form

Proxy Vote Form

Proxy Vote Form

End of Year Award Form

GSDCQ Awards Application Form 2020 V2

Puppy Listings

Puppy Listings 2020

Stud Dog Directory

GSDCQ Stud Dog Directory Form 2020-2021

Breeders Directory

GSDCQ Breeder Directory Form 2020-2021

The 13 Club

The 13 Club Application Form