The GSDCQ provides a number of services, for which the application forms are listed below. There are also links to the GSDCA website for all current Breed Scheme form applications and guidelines.


GSDCA Health Profile Form August 2016

Visit the GSDCA website for the following forms:

  • Application form for Kennel Symbol
  • Application form for AUS Symbol
  • Application for Breed Survey Form – GSDCA BS1 Application Form July 2018
  • Application Form for Interstate Survey

Hip & Elbow Contract*


Visit the GSDCA website for more HD/ED information

Long Stock Coats

ANKC Long-Stock Coat Verification Form


View all details on our Membership page

Proxy Vote Form

Proxy Vote Form

End of Year Award Form

This form is currently being updated.

Puppy Listings

Puppy Listing Form or submit the form online

Stud Dog Directory

2018 Stud Dog Directory Form or submit the form online

Breeders Directory

2019 Breeders Directory Form

The 13 Club

The German Shepherd Dog has an average lifespan of between 10 to 13 years. Achieving the age of 13 is a wonderful achievement, not only for your German Shepherd companion but also for you owners in providing such great care and love to achieve this milestone.Taking inspiration from GSD Club of Victoria – the GSD Club of Queensland proudly presents it’s very own 13 Club, a way in which a dog having celebrated it’s 13th birthday, along with the owner and breeder, can be recognised.A certificate in honour of this achievement will be issued and signed by the President of the GSDCQ to those applications successfully verified.If you have a purebred GSD who has reached the great age of 13, apply here, using this form, for your 13 Club Certificate and recognition of such a great achievement.

The 13 Club Application Form

Please fill in and email this form to: