titan 41
PD Titan

Queensland Police Dog Titan

Awarded the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia

2005 GSDCA Canine Service Award


Senior Constable Sean McDowell of the NSW Police Dog Unit tried desperately to save the life of his beloved Police Dog, Titan. Titan was Police Dog 33.

Titan was mortally wounded by an offender armed with two kitchen knives. The 23 years old offender had broken through police lines at the end of a seven hour siege at Lalor Park, west of Sydney.

Non lethal weaponry had been hurled at the offender by members of the Tactical Response Group to no avail. Titan disarmed the offender’s left arm but was stabbed to death with the second weapon. It is alleged that the knife collapsed one lung and severed the aorta.Titan returned to his handler and collapsed in his arms.

Senior Constable Mc Dowell and his family loved Titan very much.  Sean’s wife attended the Veterinary Hospital before Titan’s body was transported to say goodbye to their greatly loved dog and to leave with him a photo of the two children who adored him.

Titan was Beychief Magic Return [Ch Dellahund Justa Crusader x Damauren Lyrical Appeal TDX]. Titan entered the Police Puppy Walker Scheme at 10 weeks of age on 23 December 2001. He graduated as a General Purpose Police Dog on 23 May 2003.  He was killed on 23 December 2004 exactly three years to the day on entering the Police Service.

Titan excelled at whatever work he was given and was placed third in the Annual Teams Accreditation with a score 90/100. Despite his young age Titan was so outstanding that he was selected to do a course in Deployment in Critical Incident Situations. Titan excelled at this particular type of work and loved being a Police Dog.

Police Dog Titan and his handler had attended thousands of incidents during their operational status with numerous offenders being arrested. One recent event resulted in the arrest of an armed offender.

Police Dogs are deployed in critical incidents with the Tactical Operations Unit on a daily basis. Since 1979 this is the first incident that has resulted in the death of a Police Dog at the hands of an offender.

The NSW Police Dog Unit has received letters and cards by the hundreds expressing their condolences on the loss of Police Dog Titan. All Staff members have been saddened by the loss of Titan and they feel deeply for their friend and colleague Senior Constable Sean Mc Dowell grieving the loss of his friend and partner.

Sean is an excellent dog handler and always referred to himself as” Titan’s Dad.” Titan was cremated by Pets At Peace and his ashes shared between the McDowell family and his breeder, Christine Anderson.

Titan died a hero but we must pause to remember not just Titan but all dogs and their handlers who put their lives at risk on a daily basis throughout Australia.

Senior Constable Sean McDowell returned to duty one month after losing Titan and has been given a new dog to train. We wish Sean well and hope that his new canine pal flies through the course and graduates as a General Purpose Police Dog.

NB: This release has been approved for the GSDCQ Website by the NSW Police Department and the Mc Dowell Family.